GMP Training Success, GMP Genius©

GMP Genius© Success ~ A customised Training product specific to our clients’ own site, ‘feels more like playing a board game than work!’

GMP Genius

Clients continue to find GMP Genius© an innovative and fun option to use for delivering their annual GMP Training as it is a customised training product that is specific to their own site and feels more like playing a board game than work!

In one company it has become an annual site-wide challenge with a perpetual trophy for the winning team.

User Feedback:

‘Groups interacted well and were very positive about the style of training’

‘People were looking forward to their training sessions based on what they had heard from other people who had already completed it’.

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16 players, with a strong facilitator.

1 hour, however it can be run for longer or shorter as you see fit.

We recommend periodic review, adding additional questions if necessary, very simple.

Yes, it comes self-contained with full instructions.

We can run a Train the Trainer session for Facilitators if you need. You do need strong Facilitators as people become very invested and competitive! Direction is essential. Feedback indicates that Facilitators enjoy the fun and challenge.

Delegates are divided into teams. Play moves around the board as delegates answer GMP questions with a little EHS, Community, Training and Development thrown in. The players earn money for the item for correct answers. The team with the most money wins.

Teambuilding – it’s a great vehicle for teambuilding across departments. It is an enjoyable and interactive way to keep your GMP knowledge up to date. Feedback from participants and facilitators is universally positive.

4 to 6 weeks depending on the level of customisation.

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